Addressing Employment Problems Proactively and Expertly

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A truly neutral investigator or expert witness is critical to evaluating, resolving and litigating employment matters. We provide a balanced and proactive approach to addressing employment issues of all kinds. Our clients turn to us for on the spot assistance when workplace issues arise, knowing that we will make resolution of their concerns a priority.

Judith Rosenberg's experience as a plaintiff's lawyer, management consultant and Federal Court appointed neutral monitor for a class action sexual harassment retaliation case provides her instant credibility with employers, employees and plaintiff and defense attorneys. As a result of her experience working on "both sides of the table," she has a deep understanding of employment issues, practices and solutions which is demonstrated in all of her work as an investigator, expert and educator.

Her work has taken her from the National Forests to the prisons in California and out of state for investigations. She worked with start-ups during the dot-com boom, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, public high technology companies and construction and real estate firms to develop policies, investigate complaints, audit compliance with wage and hour practices and employment training practices, and provide expert advice on numerous employment issues.